Louis Rousseauk eta Justinek idatzitako erreskate hartako kronika. Haiek hauxe bidali didate: This is the full version of the article about our rescue on Gasherbrum II (8035m) last summer.


We would like to thank Tony with his infinite amount of energy, always placed at the feet of Marc-André, pulling… with a smile. Karl, Hubert, Otto and Abbas, relaying themselves along the line, giving a helping hand. Sylvain staying close to his friend, making sure he was allright. Pascal, putting temporarily his team’s summit objectives aside to help us down the most dangerous part of the mountain. Kilian, Willy, Nisar and his brother Kazim, going back up the mountain to bring oxygen and extra help. The energy and speed in which Santiago litteraly ran down from Camp 3 to alert Base Camp. The calmness and composure of Norbert and strength of Elio during our steep descent from Camp 2. The never ending Basque energy and optimism of Alex and the generosity of Ali Naqi who didn’t have to go up the glacier, but did, to help prepare food for the rescuers. And finally thanks to Gerfried, Jose-Carlos and Hans for their support descending from C1 and BC.

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